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“App is Damaged Can’t Be Opened” Error Messages : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

I have recently upgraded my Mac to macOS Sierra and now getting “App is Damaged Can't Be Opened” Error message when trying to launch an app. I have no idea how to fix the issues. Help me to resove the error!!

“App is Damaged Can't Be Opened” Error Messages

Mac OS X has always impressed computer users across globe and macOS Sierra upgraded version(13th version of Mac OS X) successor of OS X El Capitan is there. Following tradition, this updated version comes with much more impressive features which includes iCloud, and windowing, support for Apple Pay and Siri, copy/paste option between macOS and iOS and much alike. With so much impressive features macOS Sierra gaining much popularity but error continues to bother Mac users. One quite common issues “App is Damaged Can't Be Opened” Error arisen after upgrading to latest version of Mac.


As soon as you encounter the issue, first make sure whether the app has been updated to latest version or not. If not updated then you need to update it but if still the problem persist remove the very app and re-install. If this too not help just clear the cache. Follow the step:-


  • Open Finder.
  • Click ‘Go’ from top menu >> Choose ‘Go to Folder’.
  • Enter ~/Library/Caches into text box.
  • Delete files from every folder.
  • Now, repeat same process for /Library/Caches (Avoid ~ symbol)


Reset PRAM by restarting Mac and hold down Cmd + Option + P + R keys.


If again you are getting same issues launch faulty app holding Cmd + Option keys.


Hope the issues resolved. These step are complex and too time taking but you need to be more cautious and meanwhile while fixing “App is Damaged Can't Be Opened” Error Messages if you have encountered data loss need not to panic as using Mac Data Recovery Software you can easily get them back.  


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