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Apple Pages Crash Recovery : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Many of the Mac user try to perform Apple pages crash recovery when the pages application closes abruptly while creating or editing a document. You might be working on the document for a while and when it shuts down you think all the progress is lost and you have to work on it again. But there is a good news for you as you can accomplish Apple pages crash recovery. When you restart the Pages application after the crash you will get the auto recovery option that will give the list of documents that can be recovered. You can select and recover but there are several cases where it is not successful then there is another way for apple pages crash recovery that is time machine which saves the a backup copy of the pages document every time any change is made in the document. But when the time machine does not provide the backup the only option is to use iWork recovery software. It will scan and provide the preview of the pages file that can be recovered and you can restore and start editing them. The apple pages crash recovery is very simple and efficient with no loss of data. 

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