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File Recovery After Numbers Crashes : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Are you in need of file recovery after Numbers crashes ? The Numbers application on Mac is a part of iWork Office suite and is like the Excel on Windows. The Mac users save many of the important and critical details and record about his business and other fields in the Numbers file which is not completely or partially lost because of the crash. The file can crash if there is any error in the application or in the Mac OS X itself. If the power supply is cut or system shuts down accidentally by the user or because of any error. You can easily perform file recovery after Numbers crashes with the help of auto recovery option in the iWork. You can also get the previous copy of the file from the time machine backup but it is not current and you can still lose some data. If neither of the options work for you then you can use the iWork recovery software for a complete file recovery after Numbers crashes. The software will scan for the files in the Mac drive and restore it when you select from the preview. You can access and edit the file now, so download the software and restore Numbers file.

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