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File Too Large Error : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

You were moving a file from one Mac volume to another volume or any external drive but you are getting File Too Large Error. There could be many reasons why you are getting this like the volume you are trying to transfer the file does not have enough space to accommodate the file. Another possibility is that the receiver drive is corrupted and not responding to any input output process. If the error is shown in between of transferring then it can result in the corruption of that file. When the File Too Large Error is shown because of insufficient space then you have to delete some files from the target file. You can make the backup of the deleted files and then perform the transfer. When the volume is corrupted then you have to format the drive to fix File Too Large Error. If the file has been corrupted then also you can take help of backup like time machine to restore any of your deleted and corrupted files. But in some cases the time machine does not work so you can use the Mac data recovery software. If scans the full drive and then show the result for you to choose and restore.

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