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Finder Error Code 36 in Mac : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Finder Error Code 36 in MAC

Being a Mac user sometimes you may receive Finder error code 36 in Mac during dragging or copying files. Due to this issue you can't copy or move any files in OS X Finder which halt copying process. This error code might even occur while performing copy task from Mac to USB drive. Usually Finder error code 36 in Mac can appear because of input/output error and besides sometimes incompatible volume or error in file name could cause this problem. In order to get rid of this issue first and foremost step which required to be taken is to check the sharing permissions. Other than that try checking external media. If these do not seem fruitful, use other ways for moving files which are mentioned as:

  • Move to Applications > Then Utilities > Terminal. You can type command “dot_clean” at terminal.
  • Now drag particular folder into the terminal window where problem occur while copying.
  • After releases file path of particular in terminal window at the command.
  • Thereafter click enter once doing above steps.
  • Ultimately try copy that specific file again.     

This way one can overcome from Finder error code 36 in Mac. In case of data loss consider Mac Data Recovery Software. 

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