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Finder Not Showing Files : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

You must have got worried when the finder not showing files on you Mac computer. You had just created or transferred the file and when you try to locate it through the finder application it does not show up. You know the location where you had saved the file but it is not there. This can happen if the file was not properly saved or transferred to that location. So you can try to repeat the process again, however there are also chances that the finder application is not working properly and finder not showing files. Then in that case many other files will also be missing from their original location. You will have to fix the Finder application first which can be done by reinstalling it and if the situation is severe then you will have to reinstall the while operating system. This can also remove some of the important data from the system. So to get them back you can use the time machine backup and if the it is not helping then Mac data recovery software can make the recovery possible with ease. So download the software to overcome the issue of finder not showing files.  

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