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Mac OS X System Error Codes : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

If you are using Mac system for quite some time then you must have encountered various Mac OS X system error codes. You were in a state of comfusion about what to do and you had also lost some of the files from your Mac due to these errors. Some of the common Mac OS X system error codes are error 36 and error 43. The error 36 is generally known as input output error, it occurs when the system is unable to read or write the file in the hard drive. This can damage the file and cause data loss. You can try to fix it by using disk utility. Another is error 46 which is file not found. It happens when you open an application but it does not starts because a particular file was not found. The application and its files become inaccessible. You may have to re install the application but the application data will be lost. The data lost due to Mac OS X system error codes can be recovered using the time Machine or personal backup but if the back up is not there then you can use Mac data recovery software.

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