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How to find unsaved files on Mac : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Mac gives the facility of saving your documents. But what if you have not saved your files on Mac. Do not worry! If you are keen to know how to find unsaved files on Mac then you are at the right place. Actually, Mac files has been used for several purpose. But, If you accidentally forget to save the Mac files then it may get corrupted. But, you don't have to worry, as these files are recoverable. So, try the under mentioned steps-

Using Autorecover option- Mac has inbuilt feature AutoRecover option. The feature keeps on saving a temporary copy of Mac files when you work on them. You can recover your unsaved file by going to the location <Drive name>\Username\AppData\Microsoft. However, If the problem is still unresolved and you still looks for how to find unsaved files on Mac, then try the second option.

Using back up- If you have a proper back up then also you can end up your issue.

Lastly you can use Mac file recovery software to get your files back. So, in this way you can be able to resolve the issue how to find unsaved files on Mac.

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