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How to recover a keynote presentation : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Keynote presentation is an iwork application that has been developed by Apple Inc. It is similar to powerpoint presentation in Microsoft Windows. If you have accidentally deleted the keynote presentation and then removed it from Trash Bin, then you face keynote presentation loss. After loss you may want to know about how to recover a keynote presentation. There are a few causes of loss of keynote presentation files.These are as follows:

  • Apple Mac users are privileged to use both keynote presentation and Microsoft Powerpoint and when you transfer keynote file to Powerpoint presentation file then the sudden power loss may lead to missing of file.
  • Suppose you accidentally deleted the keynote file and later you find that the deleted file is of great importance for you. In this situation the file loss occurs due to unfortunate deletion.
  • If you use iCloud to use presentation among various different gadgets,then there is possibility of file loss.
  • If keynote file abruptly crashes owing to different irregularities in the Macintosh operating system then keynote presentation file may go missing.

Now the question arises how to recover a keynote presentation? It can be recovered in two ways. Firstly if you have set time machine for taking back up then you get back the keynote presentation file by restoring it back. As a last solution you may use iWork recovery software to retrieve them back.

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