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iMac Boot to Blue Screen : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Hi there, My iMac Boot to Blue Screen and not letting me to start the system. Is it possible to resolve the very issue? Please provide proper solution in this regard!!

iMac Boot to Blue Screen

Well, sometimes you would come across such a situation wherein your iMac stuck during startup and rendering blue screen at this very point of time. As result your Mac refuses to boot which is certainly quite tougher situation for Mac user altogether. That's why you must go with resolving iMac Boot to Blue Screen soon. Trying these below outlined steps would gonna help you to overcome from this very issue. 

  • Reboot iMac into safe mode at first.
  • Make use of disk utility for verifying and repairing disk permissions. 
  • Now let boot the system in normal way, repair the permission again into desktop after it gets boot. 

Whereas in case this above steps doe not, you should use fsck -fy at single user mode to resolve iMac Boot to Blue Screen issue. At last apart from re-installing OS X you have no option aside, obviously data gets deleted after doing so which is successfully overcome through recovery. You can consider backup or Mac Data Recovery Software for retrieving lost data.     

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