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iWork Crashed Lost Document : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

iWork crashed lost document problem is faced by many Mac users and they desperately want to restore those files as they are very important for them. The iWork application can crash in various situations like when there is any error in it, the system itself has crashed. There is any power interruption, the application files are corrupted etc. You can restore the iWork crashed lost document by using the autorecovery option. If it is enabled then you will get the list of files that can be recovered. You just have to choose and you will get the. But there is a possibility that you will get only part of it. The time machine backup can also be used for iWork crashed lost document but it can also recover the previous version that it had saved. If you want full recovery then you can use the iWork recovery software to scan the Mac drive and then the list of corrupted files are shown in the preview for recovery. You can restore them at the location of your choice and the recovered files can be edited easily. So download the software and use it now.

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