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iWork File Format Error : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

iWork is an Office suite for Mac which supports almost every type documents file but if you are still facing the iWork file format error then there must be the corruption issue of the file. There can be several reasons because of which the corruption can occur like the abrupt closing of the application while editing the file, any king of interruption in the transferring the file or downloading it. If the drive location where the files were saved is having some issue then it will result in corruption and you will get iWork file format error. If the case was abrupt closing then you can get back the files through auto recovery option present in the application but it can get failed at times. You can also try to get the copy of the file from the time machine backup. If the files are not found then you can use the iWork recovery software for resolving the iWork file format error. The software scans the provided drive to get the list of the corrupted iWork file and you can see it in the preview. The selected files are repaired and restored at the given location. So download this wonderful software  

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