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Keynote Crash Recover File : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

How to accomplish keynote crash recover file is the common question people ask nowadays. There are situation when you are working on keynote application to make presentation on Mac, it suddenly crashes or the system freezes. You may lose the file completely if you have not saved it properly or the file will become corrupted. You must be now looking for keynote crash recover file. This can be done by using the autorecovery option provided which is enabled by default. It creates copy of the file you are working on after every 10 minute interval. The next time you open the keynote application you can recover them and work on the file. If the recovery is not successful by this way then there is also a another back up facility that is iCloud for keynote crash recover file. If you have uploaded the file previously then you can recover it by downloading. For this you require an active account and fast internet data connection. The last option which is left for keynote crash recover file is to use Mac data recovery software which is highly efficient in recovering crashed and unsaved keynote files.

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