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Keynote Crashed Without Saving : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Did your keynote crashed without saving ? Unfortunately there is nothing you can do in this type of situations as the loss of keynote presentation is certain. The system as well as the application can crash by numerous reasons like software and hardware malfunction.You are working in the keynote application and it crashed, the next time you are trying to open it after a reboot it simply does not open. Like any other iWork file it can be restore using automatic recovery option after keynote crashed without saving. This facility is enabled by default by the Mac operating system. . However when the inbuilt facilities don't work then you must install a a third party software that is Mac data recovery system to restore keynote crashed without saving. The software is capable of recovering all the unsaved keynote files after it scans for it in your storage media. It uses its logically advanced algorithm for scanning purpose. The software is quite simple to use with stream line user interface. It is self explanatory and contains only three steps in recovery that is scan, preview and recovering keynote crashed without saving.

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