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Lacie Drive Clicking : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Does Lacie drive clicking sound appears while accessing the files from your Lacie hard drives? If so, then be cautious to take some urgent steps, because the Lacie drive clicking sound is an usual symptoms of Lacie hard drive failure. It generally indicates that there is some problem with its internal file and your hard drive may get corrupted at any time. So, it is advised to keep backup of all your necessary data before the misfortune happens. Now, you are thinking why such sort of cumbersome situation takes place in midway. If so, then the reasons are improper formatting of external Lacie drive, working on low power outage, problem with compatibility, presence of malware, etc. Now, to get rid of annoying Lacie drive clicking sound, you should follow the steps given below.

  • Try to check the output voltage of your UPS or wall socket.
  • Use the Lacie external drive in Mac system.
  • Try to completely format the Lacie drive.

Note: But, formatting will erase all the stored files, so in such situation you can make use of Mac data recovery software to restore all lost files and folders.

However, If the problem still persist then it is advised to meet your nearest technician to fix Lacie drive clicking sound.  

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