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List of Mac Viruses : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Mac system is often considered as free from viruses but that is not the truth there is a huge list of Mac viruses that can affect your system. These viruses can cause the mac slow down, many applications will not work properly and abrupt system crash and shut down. In worst cases the system will not even boot. The viruses will also affect the Mac hard drive and corrupt various files, some of them may also trigger automatic deletion of files. Few known virus from the list of Mac viruses are nVIR, MacMag virus, INIT 29, dukakis and many more. To remove the virus you have to use a trusted anti virus tool, and if the infection is severe the whole Mac hard drive has to be formatted. Now you have to install the Mac OS X again but the other data will still be lost. You can recover them by using the time machine or any of your own backup source. When the backup does not work out you can use the Mac data recovery software and restore all your files in the Mac drive. The software supports recovery of all types of files like documents or multimedia. So now you can easily deal with list of Mac viruses and recover your data.

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