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Mac error code 48 : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Mac error code 48

If you are one of the Mac user who got Mac error code 48 and don't know to fix this error then you are at the correct place. This post will explain to you that what is the reason behind the occurrence of this error as well as idea to fix Mac error code 48 in a simple way. Well, the Mac error code 48 comes in the computer with some error message such as Error code: -48 dupFNErr Duplicate filename (rename)-File found instead of folder, Unable to connect any file, Problem in dce extension. Actually it is a input/output system error which can damage the Mac computer. The most common causes of this error in Mac is bad sector memory, virus attack, missing or corrupt files,error in driver or files,kernel panic etc. As long as this error message will remains present in the computer you may face many problems such as slow computer performance, interruption in running applications, pop-up messages, strange noises. You should reboot the computer in safe mode to fix this error. One of the worse effect of this Mac error code 48 is loss of the Mac volume data. Hence in this case you should take help of Mac data recovery software.

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