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Mac error code 9912 : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Hello everyone, the problem which i am going to discuss is regarding my Mac computer. I have installed the picasa application in my Mac system. When i was uploading some image through picasa on my Mac computer it is showing Mac error code 9912 and stops the uploading process. How can i fix this error? Please Help…

Mac error code 9912

The Mac error code 9912 is an error message that is related to the Picasa application. As you discussed that in your Mac system you got this error and looking for the solution to fix it as soon as possible, so i must tell you that you have reached at the right place. The picasa application is used to view the stored files in the system. In the picasa the data are organized in good way. It can view images, videos and audio. You can directly upload the pictures on Internet through the picasa. But sometimes it shows Mac error code 9912 while uploading the images. If the file which you select for uploading is not actually exist in the computer then this error message occurs. This is due to corruption of stored data. In this situation you can take help of Mac data recovery software. It will help you to restored the corrupted data in their actual format and then you will be able to upload the file through picasa easily and this Mac error code 9912 will not occurs anymore.

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