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Mac Error Code – S1L457 : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Mac Error Code – S1L457

Mac error code – S1L457 is been encountered by several users in recent past while using Safari web browser. It is a critical error issue which may leads the users to serious consequences. Users may come across this unfortunate issue due to visiting suspicious sites or any other possible reasons. However, once the error occurred, an annoying error message "Due to Suspicious activity Detected on the Computer, Critical Errors have been Found. Error Code – S1L457."  will appear on your computing screen with an OK button on it. Well, it is important to know that do not click on OK button which is otherwise it may cause further issue. However, you can fix this very issue on your Mac system by removing all the browsing history. Steps to get rid of Mac error code – S1L457 is listed bellow, have a look:

  • First of all quit the browser forcefully, in order to do so go to Apple Menu click on force quit option and  select desired application and click on force quit. 
  • Once the browser is closed then hold down the Shift key and click on dock icon to relaunch it.
  • Now go to preferences click on Privacy and remove all website data. It will clear all your browsing data including cookies and download history. 

The above information will surely help you to fix Mac error code – S1L457 in a very safe and effortless manner. Well, in case if any kind of mishap takes place of the issue remains unfixed then in such unfortunate situation you will need to reinstall the OS on your Mac machine. It will wipe your hard drive but once the error is resolved then you can easily restore all your files by restoring backup or using third party Mac Data Recovery Software. 


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