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Launchpad not working : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

So, you are looking for some clue to resolve launchpad not working problem then continue reading this post for adequate solution on the same. As you know that launchpad is the application launcher of Mac OS X. It provides the facility to launch the desired apps whenever you want along with some other good features. As far as launchpad is concerned sometimes you would confront that your launchpad not working which may delete apps as well and It also affect your system so you need to fix the problem immediately. You can resolve the minor issue by using command “killall Dock” in command line for relaunch it. But if the problem is still persist then you have to reinstall the launchpad and install the applications too. If you lose data from various applications because of launchpad not working issue. The condition would become more troublesome if there is no adequate backup of data. Under such critical circumstance you can try Mac data recovery software for recovering of lost file. It is one of the mostly used third party software which restores every type of missing file irrespective of reason. Now with this tool you can fix launchpad not working problem without thinking of file losing. 


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Mac Launchpad Not Working Properly : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

You must be quite worried when your Mac launchpad not working properly. It is an application launcher which has the labeled icon of every application installed on Mac. You can also add and remove the icons from the launchpad. Removing the icon sometimes may uninstall the application if it is downloaded from the Apple app store. There are certain situations when you may notice that Mac launchpad not working properly. If this is true then you will not be able to access the applications installed and there can be automatic deletion of the applications. This will lead to severe data loss condition. You may have to reinstall the Mac launchpad so that you can fix Mac launchpad not working properly issue. You will also have to reinstall the applications you have lost due to it. But to recover the data you have lost from different application you may have to use Mac data recovery software. It can certainly restore all the data you have lost after Mac launchpad not working properly is fixed. It can recover almost every type of data of which ever file format. You just have to scan, select and restore.

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