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Mac OS: “Finder Could Not Start” : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Mac OS: Finder Could Not Start

Mac OS: "Finder Could Not Start" is a kind of very critical issue encountered by Mac OS X users. Finder is a default application for Mac system used to mange disk, volumes and various processes. Problem in Finder menu can result in emergence of several issues including functionality problems, system crash, data inaccessibility and many more. However, there are several reasons which can cause emergence of Mac OS: "Finder Could Not Start" error on your Mac. Anyway, there is no need to worry as you can fix this very error quite easily on your Mac system. 

  • Start your Mac machine and insert Software Install disk. 
  • Press and hold C key at startup to boot system from installation disk. 
  • Open your hard drive of Mac OS X system. 
  • Go to to System Folder then navigate to the Extensions folder. 
  • Now Locate DragLib and drag them to the Trash Bin. 
  • Here, open the Startup Disk's control panel and hit hard disk icon. 
  • In the end close the Startup Disk's and reboot your system.

Well, in case if Mac OS: "Finder Could Not Start" still occurs on your system then in such circumstances you will need to format your hard drive. It will cause hard drive data loss but there is no need to worry as you can take the help of Mac Data Recover Software in order to get back all your lost files. It is very effective, advanced, reliable tool which enables the users to recover all lost or inaccessible files after any critical data loss scenario. Therefore, it is recommended to fix Mac OS: "Finder Could Not Start" now without any further delay. 


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