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Mac Show Hidden Files Not Working : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Is Mac show hidden files not working on your system ? If there is any important file or folder stored in the Mac system that you don't want others to access or see while they use your computer for some time. It is better that you hide these files and it will not be shown in the finder application as well. Now to do that you can open the terminal and type the command chaflags hidden , now drag the file you want to hide in the terminal and the path will be copied there. When you press the enter button to tun the command the file will get hidden. If you want to unhide the file then you can do this from terminal just by typing chflags nohidden and provide the path. But what if you are still unable to view your files and Mac show hidden files not working. There may be some glitch in the Finder application which you can fix by reinstalling it. However if any data is lost in the process then you can restored it with the help of time machine. The other option would be the Mac data recovery software which will surely restore all your data. You should download the software when the Mac show hidden files not working issue is resolved.  

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