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Rebuild Database Does Not Work : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Does the Entourage fail to respond? Are you getting rebuild database does not work error messages? Well, then have patience and just continue reading this post. Now, to rescue the problem and to regain access to Entourage database files, user have to go for rebuild option. So, follow the steps mentioned below in order to rebuild the Entourage database files.

Steps to Rebuild Entourage Database Files

  • Quit all the running applications.
  • Backup all the current identities.
  • Now, restart the application by holding the Option button (Alt) until the Database utility Window appears.
  • Select the Rebuild database option.
  • Now, wait till a message appears “Your database was successfully rebuilt.”
  • After that, quite all the applications and restart Entourage file normally.

But, if rebuild database Entourage does not work, then don't lose your hope. There is still a possibility to recover Entourage database files. But, for this you have to go for third party Entourage recovery software. Its advance recovery algorithm performs complete scanning of the corrupted file sector and repair them back. So, no matter what steps you have tried for its recovery or even the rebuild database does not work, Entourage recovery software is always with you.  

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