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recover deleted text file Mac : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Hello friends, when I was copying some files from my mobile phone to computer then some text file get lost from my system. These text file contains many important data. Is there anyway to recover deleted text file Mac.

In this situation, read this guide carefully to know about how to restore deleted text file on Mac. Text file plays a vital role in everyone's life. But there are number of factors that may cause deletion or corruption of text file on Mac system. These text file are opened using Notepad and Wordpad application. If you keep backup of your important text file then you can get back your lost text files very easily. Many user have experience that after clicked on “ Empty Trash File”, they will find some important file are still present and restore the lost files from trash folder. Some of factor that cause deletion of text files are malware attack, deleting text file along with another unreliable file from Mac system will remove those files without sending them to trash folder, turn off Notepad without saving the text files is the most common factor that cause corruption of text files. And there are more other reason that cause deletion of text files such as human mistakes, system errors. You can also recover text files with the help manual method. Follow the rules given below to recover corrupted text file on Mac terminal.

  • On the File menu, Click Open.
  • Click the Show list and then click on Recover Text From Any File.
  • Select the folder that keep the damaged files and Select the damage files.
  • Click Open tab.

Manual method may take more time in recovering of damage file. If you want to recover deleted text file on Mac system immediately. You are advised to try third-party tool to recover lost, corrupted, deleted text file. These recovery software retrieve deleted data which cannot found in trash folder also. Therefore, make use of Mac Data Recovery Software to recover deleted text file on Mac system.


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