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Recover Files Erased by Disk Utility : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Hello Everyone, can i Recover Files Erased by Disk Utility? Few days ago i was erasing some files from my mac hard drive using disk utility. I had 220 GB space before applying this process, suddenly my computer got switched off because of electricity fluctuation and the running program could not be completed. When i turned my computer on i saw only 100 GB free space left on my computer and files of the hard drive are not readable. I don’t know how to fix this problem, so please help me as soon as possible.

Recover Files Erased by Disk Utility

Hi.. it is possible to Recover Files Erased by Disk Utility. This is one of the common problems faced by mac users when they try to fix such problems using disk utility. Mac operating system is equipped with disk utility which is able to fix problems related to mac computers and start up disk. Disk utility can also be used to erase, format and partitions mac hard drives. To Recover Files Erased by Disk Utility you may try this manual method which can be helpful, insert your Mac OS disk in your mac operating system and restart it and press “C” key and let the system restart from the OS disc, select English language and click on the disk utility to launch it. Open your hard drive volume and click “ First aid tab” and hit the repair button to restart the disk utility. If still your problem is not resolved and your data is not readable then we suggest you to get mac data recovery software to Recover Files Erased by Disk Utility, this recovery tool is very useful in fixing and repairing your files. You can easily access your data and files.

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