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Recover Keynote After Crash : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

So you were working on the Keynote application and it suddenly crashed, it must be very important for you so you want to recover keynote after crash. The keynote application is under iWork office suite for Mac which provides a facility to recover crashed files with the use of Autorecovery option. Whenever you restart the application after the crash you will get the list of documents that were opened at the time of crash and then you can easily recover keynote after crash. But this does not always able to recover the file completely. The other choice is that you use the backup in the form of Time machine or your personal backup. But in some unfortunate condition their is a possibility that the backup is not available then the only way to recover the file is to use a recovery tool. The best suited recovery tool for this purpose is the iWork recovery software. You need to scan the Mac drive and with its advances methods it will bring out all the files that remained unsaved and recover keynote after crash without any hassle. Just download the software and restore them for further editing.

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