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Recover Unsaved Numbers File : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Many people ask this particular question "Is it possible to recover unsaved Numbers file ?" The Numbers file may remain unsaved when you are working on the file and the application suddenly freezes or the system shut down abruptly due to any error or power failure. When this situation occurs you may be thinking that the file and its contents are lost and you can not recover unsaved Numbers file. Well the Numbers application provides the AutoRecovery option which provides the option to restore the unsaved file whenever you restart the application after the crash. You can select the file from the list and all or some part of file is restored back. If this does does not work then you have to use a recovery tool to recover unsaved Numbers file. In this case the backup will not help as the file was never saved and backup was not created. The iWork recovery software is powerful tool that will scan for any unsaved Numbers file in the drive and show it in the preview. It will certainly restore the Numbers or any other iWork file that was remained unsaved. You can recover unsaved Numbers file with ease.

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