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Recover Unsaved Powerpoint : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

How can I recover unsaved powerpoint? Last night I was working and suddenly system stops responding and after that I have to restart the system but don't know how can it back. Any suggestion will be highly thanks…

recover unsaved powerpoint

Although, it is highly recommended to save your powerpoint to avoid data loss by any means. It's a shocking moment for you if system shut down unexpectedly while working on powerpoint. There are some other reasons like power failure and system crash that may occurs while working on powerpoint and you are unable to save it. However, Microsoft powerpoint allows you to protect your work using Auto save and Auto Recovery features. If you have quit powerpoint accidentally without saving, it is possible to recover unsaved powerpoint.

In office 2010 and higher we have extensive option called Recover Unsaved Presentations. Use manual steps to recover unsaved data:

  • Click on file.
  • Choose recent.
  • Click Recover Unsaved Presentation from bottom left corner.

Now you will get saved data folders, find your file, click to open and save it now with desired file name and at desired location. It may be possible that using manual steps you will unable to recover unsaved powerpoint. Well then don't need to be panic as using recovery tool you can easily get back your unsaved Presentation. Mac Data Recovery Software is one of the best solution to recover unsaved powerpoint. It can easily restore the lost/corrupted or by mistake you are unable to save. Moreover, it compatible with all versions of Mac OS X and Windows and can retrieve the data within few moments.  

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