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repair Time Machine file : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Time Machine is a well known and most trusted application of Mac OS X. It adds an extra wing for the Mac OS X, in the field of its popularity. It works continuously and provide all round backup of your files and documents. But, in some situation it has been also been found that Time Machine suddenly stopped working and makes your task even more complicated. Now, in thus situations you need to repair Time Machine file. But, the question is how to repair Time Machine file? Well, to solve this issue, here is some of the common methods that must be used to repair Time Machine file.

  • Open Time Machine menu or system preferences & stops the ongoing backup process.
  • Go to “Backups.backupdb” folder and remove the file which ends with “.inProgress.”
  • Now, umount the Time Machine drive & detach it from the system.
  • After a few moments, re-insert the drive.

However, even by following the above steps you are unable to repair Time Machine file. Then, the next step is to make use of third party Mac data recovery software to resolve Time Machine files and lost Mac data.

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