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Retrieve lost document from Mac OS X : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

While deleting junk files, an important folder gets accidentally deleted which has caused me severe headache. How can I Retrieve lost document from Mac OS X? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!!!

It’s a sad moment for all of us when some important documents or folders gets deleted. There are many reasons that can leads you to encounter such issues such as unintentional deletion, abrupt power system, interruption while sharing and many other. Many of us thinks that they have lost these files forever but there is a way through which which you can easily Retrieve lost document from Mac OS X . If you have not empties your Trash you can go for the following manual steps:


Manual Steps to Retrieve lost document from Mac OS X

Step 1: Opening Trash Can

The items that are deleted, often sent to trash. The trash will contain your deleted items until you delete it permanently from trash. You can open trashcan from your desktop.

Step 2: Finding The Deleted Items

Scroll through the contents in trashcan to search accidentally deleted files. If you not found your required documents you can go for this methods.

Step 3: Right Click The Items And Select Put Back

If this option is not available and original location is no longer present,you need to pick up the files out of trash and place in your required location.

If nothing works for you, Mac Data Recovery Software is all in one solution to Retrieve lost document from Mac OS X. This tool has a powerful algorithm that can easily recover deleted files even it is emptied from Trash. Besides, it is compatible with all versions of Mac OS.

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