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Safari 4 not Loading Pages : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

It is really a big problem when safari 4 not loading pages, even if you are connected to internet the browser will not open any site and you must be wondering why this is happening. Safari is the inbuilt browser available on Mac system which is developed by Apple. Despite of all the features it provide it can not escape from malfunctioning and errors. One such issue is safari 4 not loading pages. There are certain ways by which you can fix this issue first you should try to clear the cache of the browser and also the cookies that are stored in the browser. You can try to reset the PRAM settings and then flush all the DNS and make it default. If still safari 4 not loading pages then you have to reinstall the browser but by doing this all the bookmarks saved pages and the downloads that where in the application folder will get deleted. You can recover all the files related to safari by using the Mac data recovery software. You have to scan the drive where you the safari is installed and the software will show the preview of the file it can retrieve, just select them to restore. You will be able to fix safari not loading pages issue with all the files intact.

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