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Segment Loaded Error : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Segment loaded error has become a problem for you as you are constantly getting it on your Mac system. You were working on certain application on Mac and when you try to access some files related to it by using the application itself the error shows up and the application crashes. This is because it can not access the files you are asking for and segment loaded error is generated. The possibilities are that either it does not have to permission to access the file anymore or the hard drive volume where the file is stored is corrupted. You can resolve the segment loaded error by changing the permission setting and if the application is corrupted then you have to reinstall the program in the Mac system. In case the problem is with the hard drive then you have to format the drive or you will get the same error with other applications also. If any of you data is lost in the process then you can use the time machine backup facility. Sometimes it also give error in that situation try Mac data recovery software which can restore all your files. So now when have fixed segment loaded error download the software and recover Mac data.

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