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Solve Finder Corruption Issue of Mac : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Want to solve finder corruption issue of Mac someway? If yes, you came at the perfect place. Finder is one popular file manager application. It is equipped with various functionalities but in spite of good features there might be cases when users face issue in it. Sometimes after upgrading OS X your Finder shows sluggish performance while using it. Hence, you must solve finder corruption issue of Mac. Generally according to experts this type of problem occur when CPU usage increased tremendously in the system. In order to overcome from this type of troublesome situation you can try following measures:

  • Trash plist file and try to rebuild it.
  • Resolve the issue by using the command line and Terminal.
  • Go OS X Finder> Use Command+Shift+G to “Go To Folder”> enter ~/Library/Preferences/
  • Then specify file named “com.apple.finder.plist” and try to moving it into desktop.
  • Erase remaining com.apple.finder.plist from ~/Library/Preferences/.
  • Run the Terminal, go to /Applications/Utilities/ > enter killall Finder command.
  • Click at return in order to execute command then relaunch finder.

After using the above steps you would solve finder corruption issue of Mac and now Finder will behave properly. In data loss scenario you should opt third party Mac Data Recovery Software.

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