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“Sparsebundle” Could Not be Accessed (Error -1) : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Facing "sparsebundle" could not be accessed (error -1)? It is a common error for Mac users which usually appear when time capsule try to create backup of your data on Mac machine. Any kind of problem while creating backup using time machine utility is the main reason due to which this very error occurs in Mac system. There are several other reasons as well which can cause "sparsebundle" could not be accessed (error -1) in Mac. However in order to troubleshoot this issue you will have to login into Time Capsule with the help of Airport Utility and then Disconnect all users. It will eject all the users  and fix the issue completely. But if your are still facing the same problem even after doing so then the only way to fix "sparsebundle" could not be accessed (error -1) is to format the hard drive. However while doing all these your precious data is in a great risk and can get lost or inaccessible anytime. In such situation you can use Mac Data Recovery Software in order to recover all your lost, deleted formatted, corrupted, inaccessible data on Mac. Therefore it is recommended to use this remarkable software to recover all your formatted or corrupted files and fix "sparsebundle" could not be accessed (error -1) effectively.

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