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The index.xml File is Missing : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Pages documents are created on Mac IWork Suite and can be later transferred to another system. But sometimes when you try to open pages documents you get the index.xml file is missing error message and you are not able to open it. You are probably getting this message because the index.xml file has been damaged, corrupted or lost during transfer. In can be because of interupted data connection, application error or storage media issues. The pages file that you transfer is actually a package file that is extracted at the end user with the use of index.xml file. The best solution of The index.xml file is missing issue is to take out a fresh copy of the pages document and send it again. It must be stored in your system hard drive or another storage media if the backup is not found then you can use the iWork recovery software to recover all the iWork document so you do not have to deal with the index.xml file is missing problem again. You have to scan the drive where the pages document and it will generate the list of files that can be recovered. Choose them in the preview and they will be restored at your given location. Now this time you can try to transfer it and the index.xml file is missing will not be shown.

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