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Unable to Open Zip File in Mac : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Are you unable to open zip file in Mac? Well, as like other computing system Mac OS X also allows the users to zip files and folder. With using this amazing feature you can compress your larges sized files which not only occupies compatibility very little disk space but also will be very easy to move or send. However, at times it has been seen that users get unable to open zip file in Mac due to lack of knowledge. Anyway, no need to worry anymore as here you will know the right way to unzip data on Mac OS X.

  • Firstly drag your zipped file on desktop.
  • Go to the terminal application on your Mac.
  • Type "cd desktop" in terminal and press enter. 
  • Type "unzip file name" and then hit enter button. 

In case if even after using the above steps if you are still unable to open zip file in Mac then it means there is a severe corruption issue in your zipped file and you will first need to repair your corrupted zipped file. In such circumstances you won't be able to unzip your file manually. However, with using a professional third party tool it will a very easy task for you. Mac Data Recovery Software would the best tool as it can recover zipped or encrypted data on Mac. Therefore, it is recommended to make use of Mac Data Recovery Software in order to regain the access of your important files when you get unable to open zip file in Mac. 

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