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unable to play .mov files on mac : Get Corrupted Deleted Mac Data Recovered

Hi, my name is Peter and i am unable to play .mov files on mac operating system it gives a message “This media has been damaged” even i tried to play this on windows operating system but it does not support the VLC media player and a message appears which says your VLC media player has been corrupt, fix it. I am seeking for help kindly help me playing this .mov files on mac, kindly help.

unable to play .mov files on mac

Hello Peter, are you really unable to play .mov files on mac? Then you do not need to be worry about this problem because i understand your concern and make you believe that it is possible to play .mov files on mac because of some easy steps which needs to followed by you. To sort out such problems which gives you a message “ you are unable to play .mov files on mac” you just need to try playing these .mov files in mov player if you have tried playing it and still the problem exist then may be you are using an older version of mov player update it and try playing your files, if the problem is not fixed you should try playing your files through new version of quick time player, if the problem is not resolved then I would highly recommend you to use mac data recovery software which is useful in repairing your damaged .mov files, it is a tool which is responsible for recovering and repairing your corrupted data and files, this recovery software provides reliability, security and stability to your data, it is time saving and user friendly, this recovery tool has been developed to fulfill the user's demand. After using this tool I surely tell you you are not going to say you are unable to play .mov files on mac anymore.

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